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Sony PSVR Now With Finger Sensing

Sony does not want you to watch a game in HD, but to feel every movement of the character you are playing. And your new handheld controllers could change the way you play forever. Let’s take a closer look at their basic functions. Sony has not unveiled the next generation of VR on Playstation for a long time, so it makes sense that the brand will launch a new controller for “a stronger immersion with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, touch detection and more”.

The brand claims that the PSVR 2 was designed with the intention of changing the feel of a game and not just its appearance. Let’s find out some of the main features of Sony’s PSVR 2 controllers and what you can expect.

Experience a deeper sense of presence

With Sony’s PSVR 2 controllers (one for each hand), you can interact with games more easily and live a more human experience. As a result, the controllers have a number of features that match your Vision for next-generation VR games.

Adaptive Trigger

One of the first functions is adaptive triggers. The left and right controllers include an adaptive trigger button that adds voltage when pressed. If you have ever played a PS5 game, you will understand the tension of the L2 or R2 keys when you press them. Applying the same mechanics to a VR controller improves your gaming experience.

Haptic Feedback

Sony’s new controller has haptic feedback that makes the gaming world more efficient. So when you travel through a rocky desert, you will feel the difference through a body experience.

Finger touch detection

Sony’s VR controllers can detect your fingers, even if you haven’t pressed in the areas where you position your thumb or fingers. This recognition allows you to gesticulate more with your hands when playing – a feature that could completely change and improve your Gameplay.

The innovative Design of the Controller

If you look at Sony’s new controller, the first thing you may notice is its unique ball-shaped design. This design allows you to keep the controller natural while enjoying great freedom of movement. Without any restrictions on how you move your hands, it offers a unique gaming experience. And who knows, its design can also prevent pain and fatigue after hours of playing.

In fact, this VR controller is designed for Ergonomics. Its total weight is well in each hand and at the same time comfortable to hold for a long time.

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