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Ring Floodlight Camera PRo

The Ring Floodlight Cam Pro has one main goal: to stop crime. The brand claims that this is the most advanced outdoor security camera to date and that its range of high-quality features is designed to protect you and your family. Read on to find out how this high-tech camera can improve your security.

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is the brand’s recent security camera with a number of updated security features. These include, in particular, a 110 dB siren, 3D motion detection with Radar and a bird’s eye view. You also get color night vision, so you can clearly see a lawbreaker in the dark. And with the Audio+, you can hear the guests with clear sound quality.

The outstanding feature of the recent Ring security camera is 3D motion detection. You get a better perspective on a scenario and avoid false alarms, which makes you and your family feel safer inside and when you leave your home unattended.

3D motion detection uses a radar scanner to track movements

The Floodlight Cam Pro is equipped with 3D motion detection technology -the first such feature in the brand’s entire range of surveillance cameras. 3D motion detection technology allows you to customize the area around your property that you want to monitor. In particular, you can adjust the movement zones at a distance of up to 30 feet. The most impressive thing is that this Technology uses a radar sensor that detects when an object exceeds the distance threshold you have chosen. In this way, the camera is not activated until a subject exceeds this threshold. You will then receive a motion alert via the Ring app.

In addition to a radar sensor, the 3D motion detection has a bird’s eye view that offers an aerial view of the movement in front of the Floodlight Cam Pro. In fact, it clearly shows how far a visitor has come when visiting your home. This function can also create a visual representation of how far you have traveled – even before you receive a movement alert. The idea is that when you watch videos in The Ring app, you get a better perspective of what’s going on.

In addition, the recent Ring security camera has seeveral other features that work with 3D motion detection, such as motion-activated LED lights and HD video, which allows you to clearly see the guests and people in your accommodation. It even includes a 110 dB siren that you can manually sound if you notice an unwanted subject. The camera also has Audio+, which allows you to communicate more clearly with guests.

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