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Microsoft Surface Laptop And More

The Microsoft Surface event presented exciting and functional Gadgets that accompany your workplace at home or in the office. Check out these five products on today’s Blog. Increase productivity and optimize video conferencing with the recent Microsoft Workspace Gadgets. These products are perfect for equipping your office and even promise to help you excel. Let’s take a look at the new product launches and the features they offer.

Surface Laptop 4 with Dolby Atmos speakers

The Surface Laptop 4 comes with Microsoft’s characteristic 3:2 PixelSense touchscreen in the 13.5″ or 15″ models. This laptop also has a built-in HD front camera with low-light function and a studio microphone. In addition, the Surface Laptop 4 has a high-contrast touchscreen display with 201 PPI and Omnisonic Dolby Atmos speakers. It is also available in two options: 11th generation Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen mobile processors with Microsoft Surface Edition Radeon graphics. The Surface Laptop 4 is available now.

Surface 2+ business headphones are designed for remote meetings

The Surface 2+ business headset has 13 levels of active noise cancellation. They have an advanced eight-microphone system for crystal-clear voice quality during remote work meetings. These headphones offer 18.5 hours of music listening time or 15 hours of voice call time. And with an ergonomic Design, they offer comfort throughout the day. Surface 2+ headsets for business are also certified for Microsoft Teams with the supplied Dongle.

With Microsoft Modern USB and Microsoft Wireless Headset, you can easily turn work calls on and off

With the Microsoft Modern USB and the Microsoft wireless headset, you benefit from greater privacy when answering business calls. These headsets allow you to easily join a meeting or answer a call with the dedicated team button. And the mute button is easy to reach when needed. In fact, the LED mute indicator confirms your mute status. So you never accidentally make mistakes during a work conversation.

Microsoft’s modern USB-C speaker enhances Audio for live meetings or music playback

Accompany your workday with the modern USB-C speaker from Microsoft. It provides high-quality audio for meetings. This speaker helps you improve and manage your Microsoft Teams meeting experience. That is why it has a powerful speaker driver, two microphones, intuitive controls and indicators. The best thing is that it is portable to move from home to the office. And its compact design takes up only a minimum of space on the desktop.

Microsoft Modern Webcam offers facial retouching

The recent product announced at the Microsoft Surface event is the Microsoft Modern Webcam. It has 1080p video, HDR and a 78-degree field of view. In combination, these features provide a reliable video conferencing setup. In addition, this Webcam is easily attached to your laptop, tripod or monitor. With automatic white balance, automatic light adjustment and face retouching, you can even do your best. If you are no longer in work mode, use the privacy lock.

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