TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 

Understand your international Partners and Costumers

The basis of any respectful relationship is the mutual understandig of social and cultural values and experiences. Knowledge about the basic values, interests and concerns of your international communication partners empowers you to attract their attention and build up trust already during your first meetings.


At TechniKey e.K. we support our clients from different activity fields to gain the respect and attention of their international partners and costumers. Our multicultural experts, who have been studying, living and working for at least 7 yrs in different countries across the globe will serve you with the right intercultural Keys to open up doors towards new opportunities.


We empower you to:

  • understand your international partners by seeing through their points of view, needs and concernes,
  • convince them of your intersts, priorities and capabilities,
  • avoid misunderstandings during meetings and negotiations,
  • establish long-lasting costumer loyalty,
  • develop your marketing strategies based on local social and cultural trends.