TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 

Great Chances in Huge Markets

Petrochemical plants are large sites, where thousends of machines and mechanical instruments, as well as vast amounts of chemicals are used to convert natural resources such as petrolium and natural gas into a wide range of products for diverse applications.


Due to their meaningful role for the economy of oil producing countries these sites are being kept functional by means of permanent controlling and maintenance of every single mechanical and electronical part to meet tight delivery deadlines. Ensuring the access to the needed amount of chemicals and additives is highly critical for non-stop production.


TechniKey follows very straightforward procedures to mediate between the producers and supliers of mechanical parts as well as chemicals on one hand, and huge petrochemical sites in the Middle East region on the other hand.


Routinly needed instruments and chemicals include:

  • High-, Medium- and Low-Pressure Cast Iron Diaphragm Valves,
  • Power, Highflow and Cylindrical Rings,
  • Sealants and anti foam agents,
  • Active Alumina etc.


We provide our clients from the Middle East with on-time delivery of high quality producst mostly from valuable German producers.


We act as an effective and reliable sales channel for German producers and suppliers to enter benefitial markets and gain key accounts.

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