TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 

Oriental Medicinal Herbs and Derivates

Medicinal herbs and their derivates have been enjoying a unique reputation in the traditional medicine of ancient civilizations such as the Roman, the Chinese and the Persian. Down to the present day, if you ask an Iranian for a way to get rid of stress, you will be recommended to drink a glas of Lavender or Borage tee before you go to bed.


In the recent years, we have been observing an increasing interest for the teachings of traditional medicine -mostly from roman and chinese sources- within the German society.


Due to our phylosophy of "Mediating the Good" we are willing to simplify the access of European citizens to the valuable and highly effective medicinal herbs and their derivates directly from trustful sources in Iran. Therefore, we have carefully chosen a number of trustful and reliable suppliers of medicinal herbs, mostly from wild or organic iranian sources.


TechniKey mediates between European

  • producers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics,
  • manufacturer of machines and instruments for use in the agriculture industry,
  • third party certification bodies,


  • Iranian producers and suppliers of organic herbal products


We would be pleased to grant your long-term access to high-quality Galbanum Resin, Persian Gum, Mastix, Damask Rose (also Oil) and other precious Iranian herbal products from reliable resources.

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