TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 

Future-Oriented Stable Markets

Medical devices and accessories need to satisfy the requirements of local regulations before entering the respective market. The goal is to ensure that the presented products meet specific standards regarding the safety, the prformance, the quality and the efficacy.


CE and FDA certificates are among the most respected all around the world. Having these certificates is a necessary prereqisite for medical products to enter the iranian market, but not sufficient. The producers need to apply for, and obtain a registration number from the local ministry of health (MOH) by delivering a numer of additional documents and proofs e.g. to demonstrate their ability of granting after sales garantees. In this regard the cooperation with reliable local professionals as commercial agancies is highly recommended to win the trust of the authorities.


At the moment the time that is needed for the registration varies from 5 month to one year, depending on the presented products and provided documents. In order to save money and time applying enterprises are highly recommended to submit thourough applications in persian language. Obviously, exprienced local experts are key factors for effective and successful product registration.


Due to our expertise and networks within the healthcare sector, this is one our main activity fields. TechniKey's goal is to provide its clients with the most safe and effective all-inclusive solutions, based on

  • deep technological and market knowledge,
  • experienced local experts, and
  • trustful investors.


Our soloutions for producers cover:

  • reliable market analysis including an evaluation of your risks and oportunities
  • professional support before and during product registration process
  • finding commercial agencies, cooperation partners and investors


Medical and research laboratories and institutions can benefit from our procurement services to

  • gain high quality products directly from the producers, and
  • be supported within negotiations with producers a/o suppliers
  • access reliable information on international markets and suppliers

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