TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 


Medical and laboratory products from Germany are highly favoured in the Iranian market. With the support of our reliable local partners we serve you with effective solutions to register and launch your products. Also, you may be interested in our information services to find investors and appropriate comercial agencies in Iran. Our goal is to empower you to increase your chance of sustainable long-term international business activities. Click here for more details.


There is a permanent need for high quality chemical and mechanical products for use in Iranian petrochemical industry. We are able to improve your international sales by functioning as a trustful and competent sales channel. Also, we support you with finding reliable local investors and professionals for beginning or developing your business activities abroad. Find more information here.

Medicinal Herbs

Are you in need of unique medicinal herbs, oils, resins or gumms for use in cosmetic and pharma industry? We provide you with high quality strategic products from organic sources located in Iran. Our local partners are often interested in joint international projects or cooperations. It would be our pleasure to serve you there, where we can. Have a look on our products here.

Food Industry

TechniKey works with selected certified and highly capable producers and farmers within the iranian food industry. From organic raw materials and supplements to unique oriental recipies from the first hand. Our international clients are permanently looking for reliable cooperation partners. We offer especial opportunities for accredited testing laboratories and producers of machines for use in the food industry to begin or increase their activities in Iran. More details here.