TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 

TechniKey: Trustful, Loyal, Competent

TechniKey e.K. is an international consulting and trade company located in Hannover, Germany. The founder, Dr Pooyan Aliuos, was born in 1981 in Tehran. He has been living, studying and working in Germany since 2002, where he gained his Masters in Biomedical Engineering and PhD in Systems Neuroscience. For further information on his resume please click here.


TechniKey's main goal is to act as a useful Key to mediate between proffessionals and enterprises from different cultures within the technical and medical sectors.


TechniKey's vision is to help building up respectful and transparent international business relations, where all parties gain benefit from new trustful networks, high quality products from the first hand as well as intercultural knowledge. 


Our long standing trustful international networks are based on mutual respect and understanding. We use straightforward concepts to establish new synergies for reaching the best possible solutions for our clients. Therefore, we permanently update our social/cultural, political and business information of related countries  to deliver reliable services within constantly changing international relations.


Our power is based on our valuable international partners as well as our sound knowledge of the markets, in which we act.