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Creative And Smart Toys For You Children

Technology — especially the type that involves screens – gets a bad rap when it comes to children and their creativity. But at Gadget Flow, we believe that many technical toys really support a child’s imagination and familiarize him with the media present in his life. That’s why today we are summarizing some of our most popular smart technical toys that support your child’s creativity. And best of all: with the exception of some supporting applications, all of them are screen-free.

Encourage your child’s willingness to create with carefully selected creative technical toys. These smart toys are not typical tablets for children; the creative technical toys on this List inspire your children to design and create their own characters, scenarios and robots. Smart technical toys that support your child’s creativity really exist and take your child’s play to a whole new level.

If your child loves art, kindergarten children can create their own digital drawings on an iPad with this iPad Pencil stylus. And to encourage aspiring writers, this Pick & Play teaches programming Through storytelling. There are many creative technical toys that can awaken your child’s desire for creativity — a worthy skill, no matter how you look at them. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular creative tech toys in 2021.

3Doodler 3d build and play character modeler

Keep your kids entertained and creative for hours with the 3Doodler 3D Build & Play Character Molder. This Kit contains everything your child needs to quickly and easily create 3D characters: a 3D construction and game, a shape board, story backgrounds and more. The best thing is that it is absolutely safe for children from the age of four. There are no hot parts and the filaments are BPA-free, non-toxic and biodegradable.

LEGO MINDSTORMS robot inventor programming kit

The LEGO MINDSTORMS robot Inventor coding kit can give free rein to your child’s creativity. This LEGO coding set consists of five robots, each of which has its own story.With this LEGO coding set, your child can also build their own creations. With a total of 949 pieces, the Kit has an application that works with Android, iOS, FireOS and Windows 10. The drag-and-drop programming language is based on Scratch and Python and gives everyone an introduction to programming. This is a fun and useful toy on our List of smart technical toys that support your child’s creativity.

Logitech Pencil for Education, iPad Pencil Stylus

Designed for children from kindergarten to Grade 12, the Logitech Crayon for Education iPad Pencil stylus allows children to scan their drawings on various iPad models, including the iPad Mini 5 and iOS 12.2 and after. It allows you to write and draw, of course, because it captures every line and every detail. You can even put your palm on the screen while you scribble. And you don’t have to worry about your child breaking this digital pencil. You can throw it in a bag or store it in a bag.

iRobot Root rt0 coding robot

Can programming robots support creativity? The iRobot Root rt0 coding robot can. Designed for children and mature, there are almost endless programming activities that your child can enjoy. You can let this robot drive, draw, play music, react to keys and much more. These programming robots allow hours of creative play and do not require any prior knowledge.

Tonies Toniebox fairy tale box for children

Tonies Toniebox kids Storytime Box is one of our most popular smart technology toys that support your child’s creativity. It actually offers a screen-free digital listening experience for children. This unique box includes a soft cover, speakers and a hand-painted character — a Tonie-to bring stories, songs and more to life. Just put Tonie on it and the story begins. Best of all, the Tonie can store and play back up to 90 minutes of your own content.

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