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Check Out This OnePlus Smart Watch

Fitness trackers have become the new Smartphone, everyone wants one. OnePlus’ first Smartwatch is an affordable option that allows you to stay informed about incoming calls and texts while closely monitoring your movements to encourage you to do more sports. In today’s Blog, we reveal the smart features and highlights of this gadget.

OnePlus’ recent wearable-the OnePlus Watch-has a 1.3-inch circular touchscreen, which gives it a unique touch compared to its competitors Fitbit and Apple Watch. It uses the OnePlus operating system that allows you to answer calls, play music, take photos, respond to notifications and use it as an Activity Tracker. This inexpensive Smartwatch has a number of smart features that will help you get in shape and maximize your performance.

Increase your fitness with 110 workouts included

Getting fit can be a challenge for everyone, especially if you have no idea where to start and what to do. Fortunately, the new OnePlus watch is programmed with 110 different types of training. And it even automatically detects when you start running to create a log of your performance. With this precision, no second of the exercise will go unnoticed. In addition, you do not need to mess with the settings before leaving.

In addition, the OnePlus watch has an IP68 class of protection against water and dust. Therefore, he can even ignore sweat and rain splashes. Best of all, it has a rating of 5 ATM, so you can wear it in up to 50 meters of water for 10 minutes.

Most importantly, this Fitness tracker has a number of smart functions to measure your body condition: pulse, distance, calories, speed and SWOLF (a combination of beat and time spent in the water) for swimmers. And it also focuses on stress detection, breathing training and blood oxygen saturation monitor. In addition, fast heart rate alerts are a nice feature that reminds you to take a break for a second and relax. What’s impressive is that the new OnePlus watch can track all your activities, even if you don’t have your phone nearby. It even sends you sedentary reminders to encourage you to move if you have been silent for too long.

Record more than 500 Songs with 4 GB of Storage Space

To accompany your workout, the new OnePlus watch offers 4 GB of storage space — enough to store more than 500 songs. Compatibility with Bluetooth headphones allows you to play music on the go.

Another smart feature of the watch is that you can use it as a smart remote control for the OnePlus TV. In particular, use the watch to reduce the volume when you receive a call. And it even turns off the TV when it detects that you have fallen asleep.

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