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Check Out This Meditation Pod

Life can get stressful. It feels like there is always so much to do and so little time. If each of us had the choice to feel calmer and find our own space to relax, we would immediately jump on it. Well, maybe you can now. Read today’s article for an insightful look at a device that promises a healthier mindset and space for zoning.

Difficulty feeling connected, more peaceful and generally calmer? Then you were probably recommended meditation. The practice of meditation can help you feel more confident, reduce negative emotions, manage stress and gain a new perspective on stressful situations. Although these benefits seem promising, finding the space to meditate is a completely different story. Somadome is a technology-based Meditation Pod that looks like a seat with a lid and could be the solution to this problem.

Uses light therapy and chromotherapy

What makes this Personal Meditation Pod so special for this price? This is due to light therapy and color therapy. Somadome immerses you in a Pod filled with colors adapted to your session goals. With the ability to select a single color of light or browse an entire spectrum, it provides an environment that matches your mental state. This allows you to feel more energetic, calmer or more productive depending on the lighting.

According to the Somadome website, light can regulate and control the automatic nervous system and release melatonin (The hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle) and Cortisol (The hormone responsible for Stress balance). These two hormones are essential for your well-being, and an imbalance can contribute to anxiety, fatigue and much more.

Transforms EMF frequencies and uses binaural beats

The Somadome website claims that this Personal Meditation Pod “transforms EMF frequencies that are not in harmony with the natural electromagnetic signals of our body”. In simpler terms, this meditation space eliminates the effects that electronic devices have on our body. Did you know that The environment with electronics can disrupt the healthy cells of your organs? This leads to increased pain, fatigue, low energy and a feeling of misalignment. This could explain the days when you feel depressed, for no reason for the cause.

Somadome not only wants to offer a cocoon where you can meditate and feel more connected to your environment, but also transform these unnatural waveforms into more nature-like ones. So it seems that Somadome allows you to always enjoy your electronic devices without the associated negative effects.

In addition, this Personal Meditation Pod uses binaural beats in guided and unguided tracks to help you find peace and spiritual clarity. It works in the same way that monks use singing bowls and instruments to access meditative states. In fact, it is ideal if you are afraid of being silenced with your thoughts.

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