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Check Out This Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The recent Dyson vacuum cleaner could be all you need right now. It is cordless, comes with two cleaning heads and even has an LCD display that shows what and how much it has absorbed. Check out this week’s best feature on today’s Blog. Discover the Dyson V150 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which the brand claims to be the most powerful and intelligent vacuum cleaner to date. It is designed to guide you when cleaning and to remove dust in your home so that your floors are cleaner and dust-free. Dyson’s newest addition to the family also comes with a new Anti-tangle hair screw to prevent hair from curling around the brush shaft. This makes the V15 Detect perfect for vacuuming human and animal hair.

Laser dust detection reveals the dust in your home

The outstanding feature of the Dyson V15 Detect is the laser dust detection. This technology ensures a thorough and effective cleaning of your home – just like after a deep cleaning, but better. Laser dust detection displays microscopic dust particles on the floor using an inclined Laser in the cleaning head. These are particles that you would not normally see with the naked eye and therefore would not normally see. But imagine that you see dust scattered all over your floor; it would then be difficult to ignore.

In particular, the green laser diode is precisely positioned at an angle of 1.5 degrees and 7.3 mm above the ground. Therefore, no dust can escape on the floor from the Advanced Vacuum Cleaner Technology. This not only allows you to clean efficiently, but can even reduce the time you spend vacuuming, because the work to find the dust is already done for you. And with a 60-minute battery life, you can clean your entire house with a single charge.

The piezoelectric sensor optimizes the vacuum performance

Another great feature of the Dyson V15 Detect is the piezo sensor which, together with the Laser dust detection, adjusts the power of the motor according to the amount of dust it collects. When vacuuming, the carbon fiber filaments absorb dust particles, which are then calculated up to 15,000 times per second. The dust then arrives at the piezo sensor, where it measures the dust and displays this information in real time on an LCD screen. This screen allows you to see how much dust has accumulated in your home.

The sensor then transmits this information to the engine, which increases or decreases its current power depending on the amount of dust. And with an Automatic Mode, You don’t have to do anything. The piezo sensor can detect high dust concentrations and maximize the performance of the vacuum cleaner. And as soon as the dust level returns to normal while you continue vacuuming, the suction power is automatically reduced to save energy.

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