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Casio G Shock G Squad Pro Watch Series

The recent series of Casio Watches includes three models: GSW-H1000-1, GSW-H1000-1A and GSW-H1000-1A4. Together, this collection of sports watches includes smart measurements to accurately track your performance during training and much more. Check out more highlights from this series in today’s Blog. The new CASIO G-SHOCK G-SQUAD Pro GSW-H1000 watch range offers high-end sports watches with a range of smart features and upgrades, including activity tracking for more than 15 types of training. This series is also the first G-SHOCK Smartwatch running on Google’s Wear OS. Check out some of the other great features in this Smartwatch range.

Uses Google’s Wear OS

The GSW-H1000 watch series uses Google’s Wear OS for its performance, which allows you to integrate many useful Google applications into your daily use, such as Google Assistant, Google Pay and Google Fit. You will also receive notifications via email, calls, social media messages and more without having to check your phone. This technology focuses on keeping you connected at a glance. So you can see your next meeting, get directions and much more without touching your phone.

Accurately monitors 15+ workouts

You want your Smartphone to recognize your workout so that no movement goes unnoticed. Fortunately, the GSW-H1000 watch series can support a variety of sports and training activities—and more than we have seen so far. This upgrade includes tracking running, swimming, cycling, snowboarding and fishing, as well as extreme sports.

The app also includes 15 activities and 24 Indoor Training Options to get accurate data for measurements. Thus, he can calculate the number of repetitions obtained in the gym or measure the height during an outdoor cycle. Overall, this series of watches accurately measures your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace and more.

Has an impact-resistant structure and a water resistance of 20 bar

This collection of sports watches uses G-SHOCK’s original shockproof construction, which helps to continuously improve durability on a daily basis. The most impressive thing is that the GSW-H1000 watch series also includes a waterproof microphone and a powered port. And with an optical sensor for measuring heart rate on the wrist and microphone, it is more accurate than previous models. In addition, the 20 bar water resistance is a new feature that allows you to use the watch collection underwater.

With GPS functionality and several sensors

This collection of sports watches can retrieve your current location data accurately from a GPS satellite. It is ideal for tracking your routes during outdoor races and other activities. In addition, the watches are equipped with optical sensors to perform additional measurements that CASIO has not yet shown. These include compass bearing, atmospheric pressure, altitude and more. You can also retrieve data in real time using the original sensor technology.

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