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AirPods and Neuralink Now In One Headset

Nowadays there are so many smart headphones, but although many offer exceptional sound quality, they do not always emphasize comfort and functionality. Introduction of Sentien Audio-an audio headset that is not in your ear and at the same time promises to direct sound waves only to your ears. Find out as on today’s Blog.

Are you looking for a new smart headset that you can wear all day long while only partially perceiving your surroundings? Then Sentien Audio might be for you. The Technology of this open-ear headset differs from ambient mode in that it uses bone conduction technology to send Audio to your internal ears. This helmet is ideal for all-day use thanks to its ergonomic design and its titanium band that adapts perfectly to the size and shape of your head.

Say goodbye to irritating in-ear headphones

The world of technology is radiating with increasingly thinner and smaller products. Take headphones, for example. They have gone from bulky Over-Ear shields to small in-ear buds that you can hardly see When they are worn. However, this in-ear design can soon cause discomfort and irritation, and you definitely can’t imagine wearing in-ear headphones for a whole working day.

Sentien Audio sits on your head and its speakers rest next to your ears. Thanks to bone conduction technology, this open-ear headset transmits sound to your inner ears without creating a body barrier that prevents you from facing your surroundings. So you can always hear a colleague calling you or your dog crying. With two noise-canceling microphones, you can answer important calls and instantly switch to your music while having a personal conversation.

How does bone conduction work?

Bone conduction technology transmits sound vibrations along your cheekbones and not in the air. This technology makes a difference in sound quality and experience, much like when you can feel the bass of a song in your chest. In addition, these sound vibrations only transmit the Audio to you, so that even if Sentien Audio has an attentive ear, no one else can hear the dubious hymns that you spend your day listening to. Because the sound waves bypass your eardrum and reach your inner ear directly, this headset also prevents damage to the eardrum.

Customize Your Audio Settings via the App

It doesn’t make much sense to buy headphones designed exclusively for listening to your surroundings. Otherwise, you would eliminate them from the start. That’s why this open-ear headset focuses on creating high-quality sound to bring songs and phone calls to life. Configure audio settings and touch controls via the app to customize this headset. In fact, each side of the headset supports up to six intuitive gestures. And you can even configure them to give commands to third-party applications.

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