TechniKey Your Strong Partner for Sustainable International Business
TechniKeyYour Strong Partner forSustainable International Business 




TechniKey e.K. is a German Consulting and Commercial company located in the centre of Germany, in Hannover

We empower European and Iranian enterprises to Effective Professional Communication, Trustful Business Relationships and Successful Business Development

TeckniKey's Formula for Your Success is based on its Sound Market and Intercultural Experiences plus its Reliable and Capable Local Partners

TechniKey provides you with

  • sound knowledge of international market regulations and business relations
  • effective tools for successful intercultural communication
  • reliable local networks from experienced professionals and trustful investors

Use TechniKey's commercial segment to

  • enjoy high quality Made in Germany products from the first hand
  • gain rare and unique raw materials from original sources
  • have access to reliable suppliers for longe-term production management

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